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Physics in longboarding



Longboarding is completely full of physics. Longboarding is like skateboarding but the board is alot bigger and you cruise on it instead of doing tricks. But longboarding still includes stopping, turning and the shifting of your weight on the board which all relates to physics one way or another. Acceleration plays a big role while you are longboarding because as you start moving acceleration quickly changes depending if you are on a flat surface or are cruising down a hill. Distance is also part of longboarding due to the fact that you can only go a certain distance until your velocity slows down so much that you are no longer crusing freely without having to push the board with your feet. Angles are also included because as you are moving you need to make the decision on how greatly you have to rotate your body to turn the board. There is so much hidden physics in longboarding that is really easy to see and understand once you think about it.


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