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Physics in baseball



Over the course of the srping season I watch my brother play baseball for the school. However a couple of nights ago my family was watching baseball and i realized that alot of physics is in the sport. For example when someone gets up to go and hit the ball, they try to hit it the farthest because they want to be able to run around the bases in order to score. For them to be able to get the ball to go the farthest, they have to hit it at a 45 degree angle. Although they dont always hit it at that angle, sometimes they get pretty close to it.

Also in baseball, whenever the ball is thrown to another player or hit into the feild a projectile is created. Depeneding on the angle that the ball is thrown it can either go a long distance or a short distance. If someone was trying to throw the baseball from the outfeild to try and get it to homeplate, they are going to need alot of force in order to get the ball that far of a distance. In conclusion physics is used in the sport of baseball.


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