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Physics of Crowd Surfing



The last time I was at a concert, I saw people crowdsurfing, which is a common thing at concerts. When I saw the guy dive right into the crowd, I naturally immediately started thinking of physics. After countless hours of contemplating, I came to the conclusion that one person could not support the impact and the weight of another person for the most part. Although they might not know it, all the crazy fans who push everyone over to get to the front of the stage are not going to try and get their hands on the lead singer of the band, but moving closer to distribute the crowdsurfer's weight evenly. The physics involved is that all the people in contact are sharing the singer's weight, so it doesn't feel like much. Furthurmore, the lead singer of the band who is about to do a stage dive into the crowd doesn't know it, but he is also doing physics in his mind. Chances are he doesn't want to do a faceplant on the cround. To achieve this, he might not jump into a section where wthe crowd is sparce, like towards the back. Normally when they dive into the crowd, it is right in the middle in front of the stage. The act of crowdsurfing might be considered common sense, but really is simple physics.


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