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Cornering in the Snow



Snow, like it or hate it snow is a big part of the current landscape here in upstate New York. Although snow may seem like a luxury to others in warmer climates, the reality is that snow, a part from its appearance, makes everyday tasks 10 times harder and driving is one of the most common examples. A normal 20 minute journey can be made into an hour long ordeal with just an inch of snow. During these winter months 225,000 car crashes happen because of snow, so how can I be safe while driving in the snow?

Follow the signs. On every single exit there is a recommended speed for that turn which is determined by the radius of the turn.


Its simple physics r which can be manipulated to be ^2 with

r = radius of the curve

a = angle of the bank of the curve

So stay safe and follow those road signs.


Recommended Comments

I really really like the fact that we both put up posts about driving in the snow on the same day.  I also like that yours said "So stay safe and follow those road signs" and mine said "In the end, maximum slide is achieved by going around a corner and then pulling the handbrake."


A more representative pair of sentences has never been written.




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