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Ladies, Another Excuse Not to Wear High Heels



Did you know that, when you wear high heels, you can literally dent the floor? :blink: (A wooden floor, of course.)

So not only do these things torture your feet, but they also do damage the floor you walk on? Still worth it? :o

Let's say you're a girl, drag queen, or just a regular guy who enjoys wearing high heels from time to time, and you weigh about 130 pounds. Let's also assume your shoes - regular flats, that is - have a bottom surface area of about 10 square inches. With heels, the bottom surface area that comes in contact with the floor could be half that, or even less. :sword:

While you are wearing flats, your shoes push against a large area of the floor and thus the pressure (force per area) is relatively small - about 13 pounds per square inch. However, in heels, you still exert the same force downward due to your weight - just over a smaller surface area. So the pressure would be around 30 pounds per square inch or more.

And what if your heels narrow into a single spike, that takes up only .1 square inches? And then, if you put all your weight on your heels (it's fun to see how long you can balance sometimes, am I right?)? That's 650 pounds per square inch! And if you try balancing on just one heel?! 1300! :startle:

So yeah, you get the idea. Wearing heels drastically increases the pressure you put on the floor, which makes it more likely you'll put dents in it or damage it in some way. So if you're looking for an reason to stop wearing them but don't want to admit to the stereotypical cop-out "they make my feet hurt"...try this more creative excuse. :thumbsu:

But I'm pretty vertically-challenged as it is, so I think I'll take my chances.

Thanks for reading! :D

Until next time,

bazinga818 :ass:


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