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Physics in Skiing



You can see a lot of physics in skiing. I love to go really fast while going down the hill. You can see the potential energy before I am going down a hill. I weigh about 90kg and since this is earth the gravity acting on me is 9.81 m/s^2. then if I was skiing down a hill that is 50 meters high, that means my potential energy would be m*g*h or (90kg)*(9.81m/s^2)(50m) which equals 44145 newtons. Now if I was going down the hill with a velocity of 15 m/s I could find my kinetic energy. My kinetic energy would be .5*m*v^2 or (.5)(90kg)(15m/s)^2 would be 10125 newtons. This is only a small amount of how physics is applied to skiing!!!!!!!


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