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PROCRASTINATION (and why its bad)



In the last few minutes I have noticed a lot of activity on the Aplusphysics blog, which is strange because it's almost midnight. Oh wait, blogs are due tomorrow? That explains something. Right now is the time when everyone cranks out those last couple posts that should have been done weeks ago, and I'm just as guilty as the rest of you. I want to be asleep right now more than anythi- hold it right there, if I'm writing this blog post I must want a good physics grade more than sleep. I also just discovered an interesting connection here. Amount of procrastination has an inverse relationship with hours of sleep the night before midterms start. I would also like to argue that the line illustrating this trend has a vertical asymptote at the y-axis because in theory if all of my work was done right now I could sleep for an infinite number of hours nevermind that was dumb- I won't live forever. I have created several graphs illustrating my point. I don't like them.

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