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physics in snowboarding



Snowboarding is almost as cool as surfing. Both sports have some of the same physics related to each other. To better understand the physics behind snowboarding it is best to start with a free body diagram. The snow is pushing up on the boarder and there is gravity pushing down on the boarder. Newton's Law is the most relevant with down hill or slope snowboarding because of the collisions that might happen. A snowboarder crashing into a tree represents Newton's third law because even though the tree is still, it is exerting the same amount of force back on the snowboarder. Rather than a tree, just picture a regular crash where the boarder makes a mistake and doesn't land properly, this is angular momentum. Angular momentum effects boarders most when they are trying to do nifty tricks because they don't always land as they are supposed to. The momentum can be figured out by using the equation: p = m*v.


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