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Elevators n Stuff



Since I just rode up one, and because I can't think of anything else to write about at the moment, I guess Ill do the generic elevator blog post.

So, elevators. One of the first things we did in Physics B when learning about free body diagrams, was practice elevator problems. First, in all out FBD's, we would have to draw our weight=mg pointing down because the force of gravity acts downward. Then the normal force, or the force of the elevator pushing up on your feet, would point upward.

If the elevator was not accelerating, weight=normal force. However, if it accelerated upward, the floor pushes on your feet with an even greater force, so if you were standing on a scale you would weight more than your actual weight. In accelerating downward on a scale, the scale would show you weighing less than your normal weight.

A shorter one, but you get the idea. Thanks for reading.

Until next time,



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