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Cooking w/ Kevin Malone: Famous Chili



blog-0477904001414132722.gifThe Office is another show I highly recommend. There are first of all, innumerable relatale characters, unassailably clever scriptwriting and over-the-top phenomenal acting skill. And then on top of all that, there is also an extreme amount of what I have dubbed "Michael Scott humor," I mean the show did originate the Michael Scott character, but anyways: this is the SUPER 'awkward moment' comedy that more often than not appears and applies directly to my own life...depending on how well you know me.

Currently, in physics we are FdcosΘ-ing on our work, energy and power unit. And this is my 'CrEaTe-A-pRoBLeM!'

Kevin Malone just made his famous chili recipe; he carries in a giant silver pot of chili into the Dunder Mifflin office holding it roughly about 1.25 meters above the ground.

After about 10 seconds, he loses his grip and spills the chili at a rate of 0.75 kilograms per second.

If 20% of the potential energy of this chili could be converted to electric energy, how much power would be produced by Kevin Malone...spilling homemade chili?

Step #1

Note that:

PE = mgh

Step #2

Begin to find the derivative of this equation by plugging in the rate that he chili spills for the derivative of 'm.'

Remember: 'g' and 'h' are constants.

= (0.75 kg/s) (9.81 m/s2) (1.25 m)

= 9.20 J

Step #3


= 9.20x

Step #4

Plug in x1 = 20% = 0.2 & x2 = 0

So that you are therefore going to be calculating 9.20x1 - 9.20x2 = POWER!

= 9.20(0.2) - 9.2(0)

= 1.84 - 0

= 1.84

Watt's the final answer then?

1.84 W

Yep! You guessed it!

Gee willickers! Fzx is a [W/t]-full thing!


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