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Everyday Physics



Throughout the day I have started to realize that physics is part of everything I do. When I wake up in the morning and my alarm goes off I usually follow Newton's first law and stay at rest for a little while. Once I finally get out of bed I use heat to cook food so I can have a good breakfast before school which is using thermodynamics. Next, I get ready and drive to school. While driving I realize that gravity is keeping my car on the road and the normal force of the road is pushing back on my new Volkswagen Beetle as a drive. There is also friction on the road and my velocity and acceleration increase and decrease as I come to red lights and stop signs. Also friction with my brakes helps me slow down and come to a stop. Once I safely get to class, I sit in my seat all day and gravity keeps me and the chair on the ground and the normal force of the chair pushes back. After school I go to volleyball practice which includes a lot of physics. For example, when throwing and serving a ball, different trajectory allows the ball to go further or shorter distances. Also, when the ball is in the air, there is some air resistance and gravity also does its part as the ball bounces back on the gym floor. Another example would be spiking the ball and the velocity of the hit. At many times in high school I can recall people complaining that what they learn in school will never relate to real life but physics has been able to prove that something in school actually does! :jig:


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