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Just Can't Wait to be King



(I seriously feel the need to top Fiona's blog posts but that's just not gonna happen so bear with me)

Something my parents will never let me live down is my obsession with the Lion King. From age 2-7, I apparently watched that movie every single day, without fail (I had such good taste, didn't I?). Today, I still love it, but there's a few inconsistencies that I've noticed between the world of the Pridelands and our planet Earth.

Mainly, I'm referring to the song "Just Can't Wait to be King," in which Simba sings about... well, I'm sure you can guess. Towards the end of the song, all the animals in the animal kingdom gather in a giant ladder, all for the sole purpose of a single symbolic moment where Simba and Nala stand above every other animal they will one day rule (the English student in me broke out for a minute there, sorry). When the tower collapses, they fall to the ground.

But I don't think they fall at 9.81m/s2, because that would presume we are on planet Earth. I severely doubt that this event could take place on our planet, or on one with similar gravity, because I don't think that on our planet elephants, giraffes, ostriches, flamingoes, rhinoes, etc. could climb up one another - seriously, picture an elephant standing on a flamingo for a second. Hello, gravity, people. This leaves only two options: Pride Rock does not exist on Earth, or the animals are all made of helium balloons.

Sorry if this ruined the Lion King for you. Kind of did for me a bit. All in the name of Physics, I guess.


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