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physics in skiing



In down hill skiing there is physics. To allow yourself to go faster, you push down and backwards on the snow with your poles. This demonstrates newtons Third law of every action has an equal and opposite reaction, the opposite reaction force moves you forward becuase when you push the poles backwards across the snow it pushes you forward as the opposite reaction. Another way to go faster when skiing is to tuck in your arms to your stomach and lean forward. The physics in this is that when you curl up your body you are minimizing the air resistance on your body, ultimatly allowing you to go faster. And finally the key to go really fast down a hill on skis is to wax the bottom of your skis. By waxing your skis this cuts down on the amount of friction between the bottom of the ski and the snow, less friction means a faster pace.


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Another interesting use of physics. Again I am amazed at the amount of things this subject can relate to, whether it be swimming in finals, building a rocket ship, or just plain out walking.


It's very interesting to find that people today, even when skiing, can find physics being around them.


Keep up the good work.

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