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I loved the catapult project. Throughout the project we examined projectiles in a creative way that helped to better my understanding of the physics of projectiles. My catapult was composed of scrap wood, springs, a lacrosse stick, and some wire. The spring was used as the initial source of energy and caused the lacrosse stick to release the softball into the air making it a projectile. Our catapult threw the softball a total of 29 meters. In order to achieve this distance, my partner and I tested out the projectile motion of the softball from the catapult at different angles and heights. We found that 45 degrees was the best angle and would throw the softball the farthest. on the day of the launch we laughed the softball 3 times in order to get the average of the throws and like i said above ours threw 29 meters and it took 3.24 seconds to hit the ground. Once the softball hit the ground it no longer is considered a projectile. overall this assignment helped increase my knowledge of projectile motion.


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