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Winter Wonderland



Last week I went onto a college visit to Mercyhurst University. I went to visit the college not only for myself but my brother is a senior there. Mercyhurst is located in Erie Pennsylvania. That is just about 20 minutes away from the Pennsylvania- New York border. In Erie, it is very cold place but it was especially cold that day because they got a little over 2 feet of snow.

While my mom and i drove there, we noticed that physics is used in driving a car on a snowy road. We were slipping on the road and i told my mom "Pump the brakes!" She replied with "Wow how did you know that??" I told her that Mr. Fullerton told us that if you pump the brakes it will give more friction on the icy snow then if you just stomp on the brakes because then it will just slide. Physics is used everywhere and definitely in the North during the winter time!

This is a picture that i took on our way to Erie, Pennsylvania:


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