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Physics in basketball



Another sport that enjoy playing in my free time with many of my friends is basketball. There is a lot of physics involving forces in the game of basketball. One of the most important aspects of the game is dribbling. To dribble a player must push down and apply a force on the ball so that it hits the ground with another force. Next the ground pushes a force back onto the ball which causes it to bounce back up to the player. Whatever force the ball exerts on the floor as it is dribbled, is the same amount of force that the floor then applies back up on the ball. Another important aspect is making sure that you have appropriate basketball shoes so that you can keep a good grip. Players often get new shoes because there shoes will ware down and become smoother causing the force of friction to decrease. This then makes it easier for players to slip and fall which is why having good traction on your shoes is so important. Finally a lot of physics is done on a basketball when you take a shot. Once the ball is in the air it has a certain vertical and horizontal initial velocity. While neglecting air resistance the horizontal velocity should stay the same until it reaches the hoop, while the ball accelerates downwards vertically at 9.81 m/s^2 due to gravity. Obviously physics plays a very big role in basketball and it is constantly affecting the game.


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