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Conservation of energy in Lifting a field hockey ball



In practice last week, our coach had us working in stations. One of those stations was lifting the ball and trying to hit the wall as high as we could. She had us start really close to the wall and focus on the fundamentals and then once we mastered getting the ball high in the air up close, to back our way up. What i realized when i got home was that we had just learned a bunch about the conservation of energy in objects, and how it is never created or destroyed. As soon as i did work on the ball for it to move, i gave it kinetic energy. As the ball continued to increase in height, that kinetic energy transitioned into gravitational potential energy. Then when it struck the wall a small amount of thermal energy was created, then the ball increased in kinetic energy while falling. Then finally once the ball hit the ground all of the kinetic energy was converted into thermal energy.

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