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I'm not going to waste time explaining the theme of Shrek. If you don't know Shrek...get outta my swamp.


I'm going to take this time to go through another series of simulation problems based on Lord Farquaad's of Far Far Away torture technique that he used upon Gingy the Gingerbread man.

Part 1: Gingy Projectile Spits on Lord Farquaad

Part 2: Attempts to tear off gumdrop buttons

Part 3: Sheds light in Gingy's eyes

To begin, Lord Farquaad, attempting to get information about the Muffin Man (who lives on Drury Lane), first snaps of Gingy's legs. After calling him a "Monster!" from lying on the pan, Gingy spits on Lord Farquaad. This is fairly impressive. Especially because he is a cookie.

Anyways. Let's see how fast he would have to spit if Lord Farquaad was standing approximately 2 meters away from Gingy and 0.5 meters above him during this scene.

To find the angle at which Gingy would have to spit we take the inverse tan of (0.5m) / (2m) = 14 degrees.

The spit hits Lord Farquaad pretty quickly. To find out just how fast we can use the equation t = ( y / 2a ) ^ (1/2)

= ( 0.5m / 2(10m/s^2) ) ^ (1/2)

= 0.158s

So using some kinematics equations we can decide that...

'x' plane:

x = Vot + (1/2)at^2

{a = 0}

x = Vot

{Vo component = v'cos(14)}

2m = [v'cos(14) m/s] (0.158s)

12.658 m/s = v'cos(14)

v' = 52.324 m/s

But again, for a gingerbread cookie to spit at all is pretty impressive. If you're interested, here's the link to the scene:

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