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Jack Rabbit



From just about every point in Seabreeze you are able to see the jack rabbit a.k.a. the fastest coaster in the world during its opening in 1920! While during this day and age the speeds and heights of this wooden coaster may not compare to others that came before it, there is still a ton to say regarding the physics behind it! As the rollercoaster begins, you make your gradual ascend to the top, the peak of all of Seabreeze. As this occurs you and the rollercoaster are building more and more gravitational potential energy the father and farther you move away from the ground. Although this is all quickly reversed once you fall at a rapid speed, racing back towards the direction of the ground! Your potential energy is changed then to kinetic energy, and his cycle repeats itself, as you curve around the bottom and climb back up to another hill again. While there may seem to be many kinds of energy disappearing and reappearing all at once, energy is not created, nor destroyed, but simply changed. Thus, once potential goes down, it is merely just built back up as kinetic and vice versa Now that's a lot of physics in just a 2 minute ride!


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