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22 Jump Street



Recently I have just watched the movie 22 Jump Street. As i was watching, I noticed all of the physics involved in the movie. During the movie, Channing Tatum was shooting a gun and I saw all the physics behind it! The gun and the bullet inside of it both had momentum before and after it was fired. P(Momentum)=mv so when the gun was not shot yet, the momentum was 0. However, once the bullet was fried, the bullet had momentum and the gun had a recoil which had momentum. When the bullet was fired, it had both a horizontal distance and a vertical distance along with speed and velocity.You could measure the horizontal speed of the bullet by first finding the time it took to reach the ground by using the vertical components.

Also in 22 Jump Street, the two characters were free falling from a helicopter until they hit the ocean. They were both falling down with an acceleration of 9.81 m/s^2 and then hit the water where their momentum changed. Although water seems like a reasonable place to jump in to, falling from 300 feet would not turn out well. The force the two hit the water with would have caused some injuries but because it was a movie, they were fine! :lolu:


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