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Alex Wilson


Everybody who has flown in a plane has experienced turbulence. I personally never understood turbulence - what causes it, how dangerous is it, etc - but I read an article from an airline pilot explaining it. Turbulence occurs when fast moving air hits slow moving air and the air currents are disrupted. Rather than flowing smoothly, they are crashing and moving around each other.

According to this pilot, encountering light to moderate turbulence is like a bumpy road in a car. It just happens. Planes are made to withstand the constant ups and downs that happen from turbulence. If you watch the wings of a plane when going through turbulence, they are made to flex.

Since I am going into aerospace engineering next year, this information will become extremely relevant to me. Fluid dynamics were intimidating enough last year with algebra based physics, so I imagine calculus based will be absolutely gruelling. Oh well. #engineeringmajor I guess


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