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The debate on Nuclear Power - Part 3 (pros)



This is the last blog post (for now, at least) concerning the debate on nuclear fission, and we'll end with the positive aspects.

For one thing, it is free of CO2 emissions. This is a big one considering the effects of global warming caused by such gases. In fact, the lack of harmful smog and air pollution is one of the biggest selling points for nuclear reactors.

While the wastes can be hazardous, the immediate radiations from fission are harmless to the environment.

Although it may not seem like it would be the case, the fuel used in these reactions are quite cost-efficient and generally easy to come by. The use of these fuels could also replace energy sources that would otherwise be imported, potentially making the economy that much more self-sufficient.

Not to mention, the energy outputs are pretty massive.

It seems as though the major concerns come from safety, which is absolutely reasonable. Ideally, fission should be very safe. It is the human error involved that causes the danger, whether it be poor safety precautions or neglect. In fact, there have been several whistleblowers in the nuclear community, mainly former employees who have spoken out against the unsafe conditions in these reactors. So, perhaps one of the main problems is the fear of persecution, or losing one's job if he/she were to bring these problems to light. To fix the problems associated with nuclear reactors, new technologies/methods of disposal must be used to eliminate the dangers of waste, and improved regulations/safety procedures must be implemented. Employees should be guaranteed to keep their job even if they speak against their place of work - safety must overtake complacency.

Hopefully, fusion can be our saving grace in years to come, but until then, nuclear fission should continue to be invested in, so long as safety is the number-one concern.



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