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Monsters Inc. teaches kids Physics



I had to babysit my younger sister and she wanted to watch Monsters Inc. Although the movie's plot may not be the most realistic the physics concepts of the movie are realistic. If you haven't seen the movie children's screams and laughs power doors so when a child laughs they can open up a door to the human universe. A scene included the main characters, Mike and Sully, having their door fall from very high up. Sully is a very big monster and Mike is very small but they both fall at the same speed as each other and the door. Although the weight of Mike, Sully, and the door is probably very different they all accelerate toward the ground at the same speed. This is demonstrated very clearly as the door falls sideways Mike manages to grab the handle and pull himself inside. Mike then musty pull Sully inside and add an additional force other than gravity so Sully accelerates at a greater rate into the door. This scene can help teach young kids physics and is sure to have sparked questions from parents. When my sister grows older I can explain this scene to her and give her a better understanding of gravity.


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