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Teleportation... but how?



You may have read the title and thought this was some weird Star Trek garbage, but it is true... at least in theory. The ever so slight possibility of teleportation is all due a concept called Quantum Entanglement.

To begin, let's look at the definition of quantum physics. While Newtonian physics looks at a method of studying the Earth on a large scale: by this, I mean F=ma, KE=(1/2)mv^2, types of equations that explain the motion of large scale objects, like balls, people, and objects. Quantum mechanics, however, investigates the universe on the microscopic level. When objects get very small, like subatomic particles, their behavior begins to differ from the Newtonian model and move toward the quantum model.

Now that we have that straightened that out, what even is quantum entanglement? In chemistry, we learn that each electron in an atom has its own energy level, orbital, and spin to approximate its location and direction. Very typical. However, in very rare cases, if an electron becomes paired with another electron that is identical (same level, orbital, and spin), they are, in fact, the same particle. This phenomenon is near impossible to impossible by theory, however, due to Hund's Law. Hund's Law states that electrons cannot exist with all quantum numbers the same, meaning they can't have the same everything (spin, energy level, orbital).

If it were to occur that two electrons were identical, the fun part comes. If this were to happen, things get complicated because these electrons now stay the same no matter what. This means that when one electron changes spin or location, so does the other. No matter where the other is. BOOM. Teleportation. This other electron can be changed or transported anywhere without any outside influence whatsoever. As I wrote before, Hund's Law makes this near impossible, but this theory exists, and teleportation has a beginning! Quantum mechanics always blows my mind, and I hope it interests you too! Until next time, Fizzix Community, until next time.


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