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Full Bunny Contact



While I was on a college visit towards the end of spring break, towards the weekend of Easter in NYC, I was lucky enough to come across an event that is only held in major cities; this event, Full Bunny Contact. This was one of the most interesting "Easter-related" events I think I have ever seen as it included a variety of physical fitness activities and competitions for participants to compete in! Although the catch, in all events you competed against human-sized Easer Bunny Mascots. While they may seem cute, going up against one at Jousting is one of the most terrifying things you could ever do. With all of what you would imagine to think, such as, "Awww, how cute! I couldn't hurt him!" Yeah that entirely goes out the window once you realize that he takes the first swing and is trying to hit you off of your pedestal too! So some tips if you ever come in to this similar sort of situation to guarantee a win, focus on momentum. This plays a large role in jousting as the momentum of your swings must be great enough to knock the bunny off their pedestal while still maintaining balance and not falling off of yours after you swing. For the best hits, charge at maximum velocity and make sure to deliver direct hits, as you want to delver the most force to make sure the bunny doesn't get a chance to return your favor and knock you off. Take these tips into account and jot down notes, because you never know when you're going to need to defend yourself against a life size bunny.


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