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Artificial Gravity



If you have seen the intense, action packed thriller "Intersteller" you would then would some-what know what im talking about when i mention artificial gravity. We were born on earth and our bodies have adapted to the gravitational pressure that our bodies under go on a daily basis. Well when people go into space, where there gravitational pressure is not as great, over a long period of time our muscles start to degrade. This is an issue that happend in the movie "Intersteller".

To work against this anti gravity enovironment in space, we had to create different designs that simulate Artificial gravity in space ships. You are capable of doing this by rotating the space craft like in the movie. This rotation creates a force called centripital force pushing objects to the outer walls of the space craft. This push is similar to gravity but just in the opposite direction. An example of this kinda force is if you go around a tight turn at a high speed the push in the space craft is just the same as the push you feel on you when you go around that turn.


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