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Projectile Motion



Tonight was the first night of my trip and our team decided to go out for Hibachi. I have never tried Hibachi before and come to find out, I never should have tried it. After we all ate, I started feeling sick. When we got back to the hotel, I learned a whole lot more about projectile motion. I ran in to the bathroom and realized how much projectile motion can affect ones life. With the vomit, there was TONSSSS of horizontal and vertical velocity. The rice moved the distance to the toilet in a certain amount of time (t) with a certain velocity. If i wanted to find the speed of the projectile rice, I could time how long it took the vomit to reach the toilet from my mouth, then measure both the vertical, and horizontal distance it needed to travel, and we already know that the vertical acceleration is 9.81 m/s^2 downward due to gravity. I wasn't too concerned about the speed however, I just needed to find a place for my projectile motion to go as fast as I could! Not a very fun night in Florida, but it was so warm I didn't even mind it. :)


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