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Turf vs. Grass In Soccer



The newest thing these days in the world of sports is artificial grass--or turf. Many professional teams, and even high schools like our own, are installing turf in order to reduce the maitnence  required to maintain a sports field. There are two main differences between grass and turf: bounce and friction. First id bounce; Compared to grass, turf has a higher coefficient of restitution which means that, off the bounce, the ball will retain more of its speed ultimately speeding up the game as a whole. This will force players to have better reactions in order to judge the ball at a faster speed. Also, the friction between the ball and turf is less than the friction between the ball and grass. This, also, dramatically increases the speed of play because the ball moves faster as a whole. Players would need to more accurately weigh their passes in order to achieve success as they do on grass. Ultimately, turf increase the speed of play which is part of the reason it is making a revolution in the soccer world.


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