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Soccer 2.0



Magnus Effect: The force exerted on a rapidly spinning cylinder or sphere moving through air or another fluid in a direction at an angle to the axis of spin. This force is responsible for the swerving of balls when hit or thrown with spin.  A soccer ball is basically a projectile that is flying through the air because of velocity provided to it by kicking the ball. The reason for a curve ball is because a player kicks the ball at a certain angle and a certain velocity. When you juggle the ball it can curve making the ball rotate to a different body part.  Drag occurs when the soccer ball is kicked and it travels through the air pushing while the air pushes back, thus slowing the soccer ball down according to the physics of soccer.  So when you launch the ball into the air the air will push back on it slowing the ball down, then the gravitational pull will bring the ball back to you so you can juggle the ball more.  Projectile Motion is best shown when the ball is kicked by the soccer player and it reaches its maximum height before it comes down. When the ball reaches its top height the velocity is equal to zero. So when you are juggling the ball and it comes at a specific height, it is because of projectile motion.


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