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Mucking Stalls



More horsey physics!!!

Horses are big animals and with that comes a lot of food that is consumed. Lots of food means lots coming out the other end. Mucking out stalls and pastures is a daily task for horse owners/stable workers. It's not a terrible task, honestly. It gets a bit tiring when you have 20 stalls to clean along with all the other tasks to do around the barn and wanting to ride for a couple of hours. Physics can make the job a little easier. It all comes down to torque. So you have the mass at the end of the pitch fork you are using. The force applied is usually pretty close to the opposite end. It takes a lot of energy to lift the end of the pitch fork up into the air and dump it into the wheel barrow. To make the job easier, you can add a fulcrum (your other hand). The closer it is to the end of the pitchfork, the easier it is to lift. This is because W=Fd. You can apply the same force as you would if the fulcrum was nearer to the top but because there is a greater distance between the force and your second hand, more work will be done, which in turn feels like a lighter load to lift. 


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