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A Few Thoughts...



Last weekend I attended the high school's production of All Shook Up. It was a nice show but a few things stood out to me. The first was that the string of lights they used in the abandoned fairgrounds scene was wired in parallel. Some of the lights were out, but the rest still shone on, because there was still a path for current to get from one bulb to the other, whereas in a series configuration, a dead bulb would block all current flow and cause the all of the remaining bulbs to go dark. Props to the mayor from springing for the nicer lights. Maybe I can use this as leverage for my mother to finally get better Christmas lights. Another thing I noticed was a sign posted on an outside wall of the school. The sign said something to the effect of "security cameras may or may not be monitored at any time." Of course, my "sign language" skills are not the best, so some of the effect is lost in translation. However, the sign did make me wonder: if it is impossible to know whether a security guard is watching the cameras, then does that mean they exist in a superimposition of both states à la Schrodinger's cat? It has essentially the same setup, as we cannot know if the cameras are being monitored without "opening the box." Perhaps the sign should say, "security cameras are both monitored and not monitored at all times." But the real question here is, does the security guard get paid for all that time he was both working and not working? These are the problems imposed by quantum physics.


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