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Hiking is Phun!



I would like to start off by apologizing for the title. Sometimes I try to be punny and I should know by now I'm really bad at it. 


I was on spring break this week and a group of my friends (they're some really cool people) took a day trip where we found a pretty gnarly place to take a hike. It was a pretty awesome adventure and with any adventure, there has to be physics involved. We all hiked to the top of trail but, did we all do the same work? No! Why you ask? Because work is equal to the force*displacement. We all were displaced the same amount (since we all started from the bottom and hiked to the top) but since force is equal to mass*acceleration this number would vary. We all walked up at about the same pace but we probably aren't all the same mass (I did not weigh everyone who went on the hike so if we all turn out to be the same mass I apologize). Let's at least think of each person having a different mass. Keeping acceleration and displacement constant for each hiker and changing each hikers mass would lead to different amounts of work needing to be done to get to the top of the mountain. Next time you take a hike, consider the physics behind it. It's pretty cool.


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