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Real Time Physics---- Madden



In the past few years, Madden NFL video games have adopted real time physics, an extremely complicated technology that allows the players in the game to react according the actual physics. In previous Maddens, a spin move would result in one of four tackles, and there were only about 10 different types of tackles, making the end of plays appear too staged. However, real time physics enables the characters in the video game to react to a force from an opposing player as they would in real life, causing an infinite number of tackles. For example, if a linebacker hits the running back with the "hit stick", the running back may fall down immediately, stumble for a few steps before falling, or even regain balance and keep running.  Real time physics is also used for fluency in movements as making a catch no longer seems robotic. 

While Madden may be incorporating real time physics into their game play, I've started to think that the NFL enjoys testing the limits of physics with crazy coincidences and plays. 

For example, the front flip touchdown seen below, is a classic example of angular momentum along with torque. The player was relatively stretched out with the intent on diving into the endzone, but the defender hit his feet. Even though the force was not great, the long distance of the lever arm to his center of mass created a high torque, causing the runner to tuck their body in, now realizing that they are going to complete the revolution. And all of this happened in a few seconds.



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