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Physics of Fifa



A lot more work goes into creating a more smart life-like video game each year including Fifa.  A major break through in Fifa 14 was that they finally figured out how to make the ball sail smartly through the air. The engineers working on the physics of the game finally found the problem that was making the ball look like it was just shot in a linear path.  They found that their drag coefficient was broken.  This models air resistance  and affects the trajectory and speed of the ball when it is in flight.  In previous years the ball was violating the laws of physics by accelerating and decelerating at rates unaffected by the initial kick speed.  This fix also fixed the spin of the ball in flight.  Previously the ball would be spinning one way but would curve the other way.  With this new air resistance fix to the game, the ball now has realistic trajectory when it is kicked, a more realistic acceleration and deceleration, and a more realistic spin on the ball when it is in flight.  


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