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How to pop a tire on a curb



Everyone has bad days. Some a little worse than others. But nothing ruins a day like hitting a curb, and popping the tire. Since the average tire has a pressure of about 25-30 psi, it's creates quite a force when the tire pops. The force required to pop the tire greatly varries, depending on the speed of the car, the weight of the car, and the quality of the tire. Some larger truck tires can even explode with a force of up to 12 tons, as seen in this video:

Tire explosions can be extremely dangerous, but are very common among cars everywhere, so always remember to check tire pressure, tread depth, and most importantly, pay attention while driving, so you don't hit anything in the first place. 

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Wow, I knew you didn't want to pop a tire, but I didn't know it could get that bad. If a car going really fast hit the curb, what would happen?

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