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Momentum in Football



Almost everyone has watched at least some NFL football, but not everybody understands what makes some players better than others, or why certain types of players are put in certain areas of the football field. Turns out football in many ways football is a game that heavily involves momentum. Momentum is defined by the simple equation: P=mv. There is a direct relationship between momentum and velocity as well as a direct relationship between momentum and mass. In most cases the most massive players of a team are found right on the line of scrimmage, no further than inches away from the biggest and most massive players of the other team, on the other side of the line of scrimmage. These players are known as the offensive and defensive linemen. Why are the biggest player found on the line of scrimmage? One major factor in creating momentum is increasing velocity, however, in the short space between the offensive and defensive linemen accelerating enough for velocity to bear a large enough factor on a player's momentum is unlikely.The other factor in the momentum of that player is the mass of that player, however the mass of a player takes no time to build up like velocity does, therefore a more massive player can create more momentum in a shorter space. For a linemen, generating more momentum decides who will push who backwards and separates a good or bad player. Another example of momentum in football would be in the infamous Rob Gronkowski. Love him or hate him he a great football player and largely because of the simple rules momentum. Gronk weighs roughly 265 pounds and can move at speeds unparalleled to anyone in the NFL of his mass. Once he catches a pass he is already moving at top speed. This combined with he size allows him to generate momentum unlike any other player in the NFL. In order to stop him from moving you need to match his momentum in the opposite direction, which generally takes more than one person to do. His rare skill set separates him as a great player. Simple rules of physics are found heavily in the game of football.

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