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High Jumping



Watching the summer Olympics last year was really intriguing because of the High Jump.  I have always wonder how someone with just a pole could jump so high above a bar.  Now I know there's physics behind it.  First of all, before the person jumps above the bar, the person with pole has  to generate speed to the high bar.  This speed generate before the person jump increases the kinetic energy of the person.  Then the person plants the pole down at an angle and jumps, the person is then able to be at the highest trajectory of their motion.  Additionally, the kinetic energy of the person is then transferred into potential energy causing the person's height to increase.  This allows the person to jump at a high height and be able to be at the highest point of its trajectory.  The hang time of the person in the high is due to the pole's elasticity.  The pole bends then whips the person to the bar, causing the person to have a longer time in the air.  Then the person has to arc their backs to get over the high bar.  Then they land on the soft pads to help their landing because it increases the time of the force impacting the body causing no harm to the body. 


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