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For my birthday, I received the video game called Firewatch. You play as a man who went through some rough points in his life, and so you take a job as a forest fire watchman, and you do a little bit more for your boss, Delilah. As you explore your area of the woods, you climb up and down several rock walls using only a rope, and the ropes have been sitting out in the forest for at least three years. I have only seen the character once, and he appears to be about 250 pounds, or roughly 113 kg. I was wondering what the tension would be in the rope as you climb up at a constant speed. This is a fairly easy calculation, where tension would be exactly equal to mass times the force of gravity which is about 1107 N of tension in the rope. This seems slightly unreasonable that the ropes would not snap, especially with consistent use, as they have been weathered by the elements.

This photo is a screenshot from the game of how you climb the rock walls



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Depending on what the ropes are made of could greatly determine how much strength they have. They could be made of some pretty heavy duty nylon. I am sure the devs thought of it. :lolu:

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All I know, is once I made a zipline with an old rope from my tree house, went down it by holding on with my hands, and of course the weathered rope snapped. That's real life physics for ya :notfair:

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