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Physics of standing up



Standing up can be hard sometimes and I personally prefer laying down, but you know life goes on and everyone needs to stand from time to time. So how exactly does standing up work? Say you are sitting down in your computer chair reading this blog post and you suddenly feel very thirsty and want to get up and get a glass of water. while you are sitting you have a net force of zero because your body is not in moving up or down, but as soon as you stand up a force is applied in the downward direction which pushes you up. As you stand up, your leg's have to produce a force greater than your force of gravity. The force of gravity on you is your weight x 9.8 m/s^2. By applying a force to the ground greater than the force of gravity you propel yourself upward until the legs are fully extended. Once your legs are fully extended and you are standing, your net force goes back to zero because the forces in the up and down direction are equal. Congrats you just learned how to stand up!!! Now go get your water and quench your thirst. 


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