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Wireless charging



Recently, wireless charging had been catching on in a lot of consumer technology especially smart phones. While almost useless at this point in time, it will hopefully get better over time, but here's the basics of how it works. There is a charging base, that must be connected to some conventional power supply, such as a wall outlet, and in the base, there is an induction coil which generates a changing magnetic field. A phone with wireless charging capabilities also has another induction coil, which takes power from the magnetic field created in the base coil, and transfers the form of current to the phones battery, charging it. Surprisingly, that's about all there is to the actual functionality of wireless charging, however, there have been wireless chargers created that work from meters apart, and while they function slightly differently, show that wireless charging could be actually useful in the future. But until then, most of us are stuck using boring old charging cables and Wall outlets. IMG_6984.JPG.da89b8e815cb4ef8aad0c2c04343ac69.JPG


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