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Mafia 3



Mafia 3 is a new open world game on the market and is featuring some pretty cool physics.  One of the main focuses for the developers was the driving.  It is crazy to see how far video games have come and Mafia 3's driving is a great example of that.  The game takes crashes into account when the player is controlling the car.  Crashes now have a big affect on the handling of cars.  The game also offers two modes of driving, arcade and simulation.  Arcade is similar to most video games in which driving is very easy and unrealistic.  Simulation however is basically a driving simulation in which players will struggle to keep control over their car.  On top of all of this their are four camera options when driving to make it look much better from which ever angle you choose. 

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Does that mean that it gives collisions that would normally be seen as small a larger affect? For example, t-boning another car will actually damage your car pretty seriously too?

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