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Blog Post Checkpoint



As we approach the end of the first quarter, it was a bit of a scramble to get all of my blog posts done. First quarter is always rough for me because it is very busy and hectic; nonetheless, I neglected doing blog posts and held off until the last moment possible to complete them. I regret this decision now that it has come to the final hour. I think it would greatly benefit me to try to work on one blog post each weekend so that I can stay on track and not have to cram at the very end. Over the course of the week, I can develop ideas about what the post should be about and over the weekend I can blog about it and post it. This isn't a new idea that I am suddenly coming up with to solve all my problems. The idea had already been presented to me, and I failed to follow through with it. Going into the second quarter, it would be a large help to have this routine down so that I can confidently complete all the necessary posts for physics class. 


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