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Most people think of bowling and think about how much fun they have with their friends and family. For me, I think of bowling for a team with a focus on hitting every pin down for a clean game. Clean games equal good scores and good scores equal a happy Rachel. (Clean games are games with all strikes and spares) For the past 6 years now, I have bowled for the school and on weekends, I participated in a league to improve. Every season has its ups and downs and currently, I am in a hole that I cannot seem to get myself out of:(. Consistency is a huge key in bowling and if you do not hit your target on the lanes consistently, everything can go downhill. The game of bowling is also about choices. "Do I use this ball and stand at the center dot and hit the second arrow or do I throw this ball and stand 4 boards to the left of the center dot and hit two boards to the left of the second arrow?" A lot of factors impact your bowling but, one thing will always remain the same: physics. Every lane, no matter which oil pattern, has Newton's Laws all over it. The force that is equal to the mass times the acceleration shown through a grown man throwing a ball that can knock down the pins with a stronger force compared to a six pound ball that is thrown by a little girl.


When the darn 10-pin in the corner does not fall down (the worst pin on the planet), the second law is acting on it because there is no outside force meaning that it will stay at rest. Finally, the third law is shown when you life the ball from the return, you are putting a force on the ball and the ball is putting a force on you. Same with the approach that you walk on, you put a force on the ground and the ground puts a force on you.

Well that is all for now...

Until next time,



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