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Mechanics vs. Electricity and Magnetism



At this point, we have finished mechanics, and we are starting to finish up electricity and magnetism.  Each of these courses had it's own set of challenges.  However, with mechanics, even when I didn't fully understand something, I could still sort of visualize it and try to make sense out of it.  Mechanics definitely felt more straight forward and understandable than electricity and magnetism, except dealing with drag forces is still very difficult. With electricity and magnetism, my main struggle has been not being able to just see how everything works. Things don't really click with me like they often did in mechanics.  This is why I would say I've had more trouble with this course than mechanics.  I can't see things the same way.  When it comes time to review for both exams, I'll have to keep this in mind, and maybe dedicate a little more time to electricity and magnetism just to make sure I understand what I need to in order to be successful. 


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