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Quarter 1: A Recap



Okay, here's my thoughts on physics C so far:

Although the tests are challenging, we are more than prepared for them, and maintaining the difficulty will make the AP test at the end of the year That much more accessible. I enjoy the fact that we expand in every direction the fundamentals we developed in physics B. In this way, the concepts are not too challenging , and the calculus application fits into past knowledge quite nicely. In fact, the calculus problems we are given are actually easier in comparison to the other conceptual questions, even if it's still early in the game and I'm sure it could get pretty rigorous. I like the independence we are given in the momentum unit, and I feel very productive and I feel good about the test coming up. I would like to do other units in this fashion, as long as we can prove the effectiveness through our test scores.


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I agree that the tests are harder but i think what makes them harder is the fact that we have to use the concepts we know in different ways than we've seen before which means you really have to understand the concepts through and through and also we have to be creative in how we look at problems.

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I agree with both of you, it is trying to apply high level concepts in new ways within such a short time that makes it hard, once we have time while correcting to think the problems over they seem much easier.

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