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The Physics Behind my NCAA Football 12 Skill



A dear friend of mine and I have recently started playing NCAA Football 12 on his 360 and most of the time I win, thanks to my knowledge of physics. Because I understand the concepts of conservation of momentum, work, and air drag, I very often run the ideal football play - the running back slip screen. For this play, the offensive linemen break their blocks on some of the defensive players who are rushing the quarterback. Lured into the illusion that they can have an easy sack, these linemen and/or linebackers charge towards the quarterback. At this time, the running back breaks his block and turns towards the quarterback for the easy dump pass, like this:


After that, the linemen that "missed" their blocks before now block for the running back, who has many blockers and open field in front of him. He does not need to worry about the defensive players behind him because of the law conservation of momentum: the defensive players are sprinting in one direction and they need a strong force (which comes from their muscles power) to reverse their momentum to the opposite direction. On the other hand, the running back's blockers are always moving in the right direction, so the do not need this strong force and their momentum aids them in delivering solid blocks. Not only so, but this play works much more consistently than a pass down-field because of the principles of work and drag force. The simple equation for work is force times displacement, so to throw the ball far down the field, the quarterback must do a lot of work. The correct amount of force needed for a far throw is difficult to consistently deliver, making this pass much harder. The drag force on the ball also applies because the ball travels in the air longer for farther passes, so the drag force acts on the ball for a longer period of time, affecting the consistency of the throw. Thus, because of my understanding of mechanics, I can lead a well poised offense to give my Michigan Wolverines the win every time.


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