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How physics has changed my life



From a very young age, my dream was to become a scientist. I didn't know that I wanted to discover the god particle or find a cure for cancer or synthesize a new element. I had no idea how broad the term "scientist" was and how many denominations it had, either. The only thing I knew is that it would be pretty awesome to be the guy who mixed two chemicals in a beaker and watch it explode, just like in the cartoons.

As soon as school became more serious than learning how to write, I already prioritized my focus on the basic math and science we were taught. This process stuck with me throughout Dake and so far in high school. I cherished every lab, where I could explore the topics through hands- on learning.

Physics jumped out on me. It was love at first test. I loved every single concept of physics. They were all interesting, informative, and I breezed through the tests (at least in B, anyways). My teachers were both understanding and dedicated to teaching with passion and interest. It is because of these two classes that I have my major set wherever I go to college. I have only my two physics class to thank for showing me my own passion.


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