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  1. As young physicists, we determined the acceleration due to gravity by dropping a ball from an intial velocity of 0 m/s from a distance of 2.78 meters. We did multiple trials for trial 1 the time it took fort he ball to drop is .63 seconds, for trial 2 the time it took the ball to hit the ground was .60 seconds, and lastly for trial 3 the time it took was .65 seconds. To determine the accelration of each trial we used the formula d=(vi)(t) + (1/2) (a)(t)^2 , we then isolated a and got the answer of 14.00 m/s^2 for trial 1 and for trial 2 the acceleration was 15.4 m/s^2 and for trial 3 the acceleration was 13.2 m/s^2. This shows that acceleration can easily be found by using kinematic equations as long as you have 3 parts of it, you can solve for the other 2.

  2. I love to play sports. I play ice hockey, field hockey, and lacrosse. I am captain of my field hockey team. I have a very big family. I have four sisters katie who is a junior at Utica college and is a physical therapy major. Abby who is a freshman in college at MCC then there's me a senior in high school then the twins Emma and Rachel who are in 6th grade at Iroquois middle school. I like to hang out with family and friends when I get the chance. My intrests include playing sports. I love to be busy! I have a part time job at staples where I work when I can because I have a car and need to pay for gas money.

    In physics this year I hope to be able to learn about why things happen and how they happen. I hope that learning physics will be fun for me and not boring. I know that I will struggle but I hope that I can get past it. I am taking physics this year because in my future I plan to go to college to be an occupational therapist and I know that I need to take alot of sciences when I do get there and in taking this physics I hope that who I get to college and need to take physics again I will be able to know a few things instead of learning everything for the first time. I am excited to learn about physics and hope I do we'll this year.

    Thanks for reading!

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