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  1. A couple of days ago I shared my book, Musings of a Retired Physics Teacher, a book that describes some of my favorite physics demonstrations of my 35 years of teaching physics. Today I would like to share another offering. I recently finished a Sci-Fi book that tells of a near-future threat to Earth due to an approaching body from beyond the solar system. In writing the book I took major efforts to avoid violations of the laws of physics for sake of a plot. I also tried to do a little teaching. “I usually don’t read science fiction books and read this one because it was written by a former fellow teacher. Much to my surprise it held my attention all the way and I could not put it down! It is filled with facts and pictures which I have never seen before and I highly recommend this book to anyone who has any interest in space at all.” This person writing these words is describing my new book ADAM: A CLOSE ENCOUNTER WITH A COSMIC VISITOR. I would invite you to check it out at Amazon. I might add that the book is in the Kindle format but a free Kindle reader app can be downloaded from Amazon that allows reading on a computer, mobile, or hand-held device. Jack L. Smith
  2. Greetings, After teaching high school physics for thirty-five years, I retired with a glow of satisfaction and fulfillment. How I enjoyed teaching physics. In my teaching approach I had put an emphasis on doing physics demonstrations that were relevant, clear and right down fun. I found that my students got more mentally involved with the learning process when they could see some physics principle at work in a fun demonstration. I decided to put to paper forty-eight of my most popular and fun demonstrations in a book entitled Musings of a Retired Physics Teacher. I truly believe physics teachers would benefit from reading it. It is available on Amazon. I have provided a link below. I might add that I have had two articles published in The Physics Teacher, one on the demonstrations of musical beats using the ripple tank and one on the demonstrations of lines of force of an electric field. I also had an article published in The Science Teacher about using demonstrations to spark student interest. If you would check out this book and maybe pass the word on to other physics teachers, I would greatly be appreciative. Jack L. Smith http://www.amazon.com/Musings-Retired-Physics-Teacher-Smith-ebook/dp/B00JHUNP6U/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1396780264&sr=8-1&keywords=musings+of+a+retired+physics+teacher
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