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  1. On 2017. 4. 3. at 10:05 PM, FizziksGuy said:

    When the switch is first closed, the capacitor acts like a wire.  Both B and D will have no effective resistance because there is a short from one side of the battery to the other where the capacitor is.  For a split second, they will have near zero resistance, and a very large spike in current.

    What do you mean by "short"?

  2. Om 7.27, I don't understand the picture. I'm not sure how the wire can produce emf when the wire doesn't have an area of change. The answer says it's moving horizontally, but isn't the wire just moving without changing the area?

  3. On question 7.33, there isn't sufficient explanation for the answer. Could you elaborate on that please? I'm not sure what is causing the needle to point toward the top. By the way, does toward the top mean out of the page or just top?

  4. In the electricity part of the AP style problems, I think there is an error for #8. I think the initial current is 0.6 instead of .75. Shouldn't R2 and R4 be in series? 

    Then, R24 (combined) would be 2R. R234 (combined) would be in paralled and be 2R/3. Then, the Req would be R1+R234 (R+2R/3) which is 5R/3. Then wouldn't the current be 3/5? Not .75. 

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